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Talking With Millennials…Not At Them

Last week our office brought in a speaker to give an L&D Presentation on how to communicate professionally.  Because of a schedule conflict I could not attend the session, but a friend and colleague of mine did attend.  Afterwards, we went for our normal morning walk (which I find is good for both physical and ...

Indecisive…or Renaissance Person?

When I was admitted as a Masters student to the Department of History at my alma mater, Central Michigan University, it quickly became apparent that I needed to pick an area to specialize in.  That may sound strange to some people, but historians do actually specialize in certain areas, which is why you sometimes get ...

Adapt or Die

Whether you are a part of the C-Suite, or if you are on the Board of Directors or a Principal Shareholder, you need to be prepared to adapt, and not be caught in a response-only mode in a VUCA environment.

The Joy…or Headache…of Teams

In school, you don't have to think too much about the people in your group, because there isn't a way to change them. But in the working world, things are vastly different.

Training for Competency, not Memorization

One of the major benefits of the competency based model is that advancement is based on mastery of the skills, knowledge and abilities identified as key for the learner on any particular subject. But this idea can be controversial among the more established intellectual elites.

Should Trainers Speak in Buzzwords?

As soon as you begin a presentation and you turn out to be wrong (in the case of statistics), or unintelligible (in the case of the Jargon Trap), people begin to mentally step back from you. And if they do that, they have lost the message and you have lost the game.