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It’s Not Just Businesses Anymore…

Anyone following major trends in business has seen the Collaboration trend. Organizations are flattening out and moving towards a more team-oriented approach with less hierarchy and more cross-section work experiences. I think it is a great movement, away from the hierarchy-based, bureaucracy-laden, creativity-killing ways businesses had been run in previous decades.

Avoiding Death By Meeting

The focus on this kind of meeting plan is on having better meetings; meetings where you actually answer the questions you need to answer and solve the problems you need to solve free from distractions and tangents.

The Value of Operational Education

I firmly believe that this Operational Education model has the potential to disrupt (in a good way) the way we normally operate and produce more value.

Leaning In: The Praise

Besides shedding light on issues that have been illuminated by others in the past (and will surely continue to be highlighted in the future until they are ultimately resolved), there are several very specific things in this book that had me cheering in my seat.

Leaning In: The Critiques

Lean In was definitely well worth the read, but there are some legitimate critiques I have on the book that has become the working woman's guidebook in the last few years.

Creating Accountability Without Creating Bureaucracy

Typical business practice has tried to achieve accountability using three methods...three methods that are doomed to failure because they are really doing the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

Can Solving the Productivity Crisis Make Healthcare Safer?

When businesses were simpler and value was easier to gain with a minimal amount of input. But the world has become too complex for the efficiency metrics we have in place.