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Combating Stress Before It Strikes

They say that knowing is half of the battle, but with stress it often seems like it doesn't matter whether or not you know the stress is coming; there isn't a lot you can do about it before it arrives to try to mitigate its effects. Or is there?

The Challenge of Doing It All

Interoperability is one of the biggest challenges of healthcare IT...but is technology up to the task?

The Healing Power of Stories

Stories have a very powerful effect on people in very positive ways...and all it cost was a 90 minute visit to a museum.

Physicians vs. Administrators…An Odd Couple With Potential

A big factor in the reason why physicians and administrators seem to have very adversarial relationships is because they were trained to think differently.

Should the US Call the Midwives?

Most of the deliveries that occur on the show are done in the home, and you watch as the midwives prepare home delivery packets including necessities like rubber sheets for the bed. In the US, it is entirely the opposite.


Willpower vs. Procrastination

Procaffeinating is a new word to enter in to my vocabulary, but I can tell you that it is a certified truth.  In my experience in Academia as a graduate student, in Museums and now in the Corporate World I have learned that one thing is constant across any workplace: Do Not Mess With The ...