Tag: Unique Observations

Scylla and Charybdis in Business

When you create your company budget for the year, what is it costing you? I don't mean in terms of staff time and meetings, but in terms of lost opportunities?

Be Happy…We Give You Free Coffee!

If only 49% of your employees are happy enough to recommend you as an employer, that means you have 51% who are either ambivalent to you as an employer or are unhappy with you. Free coffee or other silly programs will not change that.

Tips for Better Software Training Part II – Extra Gravy

Looking to up your software training game? You have come to the right place! I have some great tips and tricks for you, as told through quotes from some of my favorite films.

Are Learning Styles an Addiction of the L&D Community?

It's amazing how many times I'll still hear practitioners in the field...even co-workers...analyze our learning through the Learning Styles lens.

Technology: Angel or Devil?

Technology is designed by us to help us do things, to help make our lives and work better or more efficient. But when you use it as a distraction, a different picture emerges.

Can VR Increase Empathy?

For some of society's most complex problems, like solving poverty or civil rights issues, the sides attempting to solve them are so far apart that nothing constructive can be accomplished. Is there a way to close the gap?

Cheating is OK – L&D and Millennials

If you define cheating as finding the answers to a question wherever those answers exist, then you can see why in traditional education and testing environments this is verboten. But once you get into the real world, finding the answer wherever the answer happens to exist is simply the way it's done.