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The ESC Workplace: Enjoy the Show!

Successful organizations keep communication flowing in both directions, including tough conversations.

You Can’t Escape Politics

In the workplace, politics are everywhere. Most organizations do not admit it publicly, and many of them won't even admit it to themselves, but politics is always present.

Your ESC Colleagues: Copycats

When a co-worker is your copycat it is more than just annoying...it can jeopardize your own career!

Your ESC Colleagues: All About Flash

Dealing with these Flash-based colleagues can test the patience of even the most dedicated co-worker. But here are a couple of tips that may help you out.

How Committed Are You?

Over the course of your career, you will work with many different people, and those people will display varying levels of dedication to their work.

ESC and Workplace Culture

Without a unifying factor, that one thing that glues all of the diversity together, a workplace quickly descends into chaos.

Eurovision and Your Career

From now until the Grand Final on May 14, we'll take a dive into the music, drama, controversy and spectacle that is Eurovision, and see what lessons we can draw for our careers. Enjoy the show!