Tag: Talent Development

Creating Workplace Opportunity

Nothing is more frustrating, especially for employees who are in the Millennial Generation, than to feel like you are spinning your wheels. But how can you create opportunities for younger employees while at the same time flattening out your organization?

Creating Accountability Without Creating Bureaucracy

Typical business practice has tried to achieve accountability using three methods...three methods that are doomed to failure because they are really doing the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

Employee Engagement: The Buzzword of the Moment

What I suspect is happening is that this uptick in concern for Employee Engagement stems from the challenges they are facing with their new Millennial employees.

What do Millennials Want?

Millennials aren't into silly social activities that are only a thin-disguise for a desperate HR department begging for new blood. Sure, we may attend and have a good time, but we see these events for what they are, and thus their intended purpose is wasted.

The Consistency of Change

The increasing frequency of change is not just a fundamental reality that employees must face; their employers must face it as well.

The Workplace is Changing…Why isn’t E-Learning?

Research has demonstrated that formal, lecture-style methods that make up the majority of the conventional e-learning methods is not nearly as effective as a game of Angry Birds or Trivia Crack.

An Objection to Objectives

Last week I was able to catch up on a webinar that I had been meaning to view for several months.  Ethan Edwards from Allen Interactions, Inc. presented a very interesting session for the Association for Training and Development (ATD) titled 10 Ways to Ruin your E-Learning: A How To Guide in Reverse.  The webinar was ...