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Ask a Stupid Question!

Friday is Ask A Stupid Question Day, so let's celebrate by asking questions!

The Audacity of Asking Questions

Only in organizations where collaboration and questions are encouraged can progress be made.

Great Reads – Are There Any Good Jobs Left?

Bringing jobs back is one of the current refrains that can be heard from the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He is referring to the jobs that used to support a middle-class way of life in the US; jobs which required a high school diploma, maybe some technical training, and that one job could ...

Software Saturation…Are We There?

Have we reached the saturation point of software? That point where it seems like everything is software, and software is everything?

The Risks of Disrupted Leadership

There is inherent risk in deciding to be a change agent. Just like the old saying that history is written by the victors, this narrative about being a change agent is written by people who have, for the most part, succeeded in their changes.

Cheating is OK – L&D and Millennials

If you define cheating as finding the answers to a question wherever those answers exist, then you can see why in traditional education and testing environments this is verboten. But once you get into the real world, finding the answer wherever the answer happens to exist is simply the way it's done.

Practicing Gratitude

In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow in the United States, I thought I'd change up my usual Webinar Wednesday post and write instead about something that should be our focus all year round, not just this week: Practicing Gratitude.