Tag: Perspective

How a BA Makes a Great BA

The modern business analyst must be a master of people, processes and technology. Someone with a BA degree and/or a background in liberal arts is particularly well suited to this kind of challenge.

Value of the MBA?

Is the pendulum swinging back the other direction, towards the SME's? And if so, can we be smarter about it this time and provide the SME's with the business acumen they need to succeed?

Practicing Gratitude

In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow in the United States, I thought I'd change up my usual Webinar Wednesday post and write instead about something that should be our focus all year round, not just this week: Practicing Gratitude.

Finding Mentors In a Transition

For those of us who are seeking to transition into a new career sector, there are added challenges to seeking a mentor. Where is advice that we can use as we navigate this tricky stage in our career development?

Combating Stress Before It Strikes

They say that knowing is half of the battle, but with stress it often seems like it doesn't matter whether or not you know the stress is coming; there isn't a lot you can do about it before it arrives to try to mitigate its effects. Or is there?

Avoid Misery at the Office

I do believe that if you see your job as something that helps or serves others, it can help you find happiness that may be lacking in the mundane.