Tag: Managing Your Risk

Want Better Security? Try Crowdsourcing Your Security Controls!

Relegating the establishment of security controls to a small team of Risk Management experts leads to glaring holes in your Risk Register. Opening up your Risk Register to more perspectives gives you more comprehensive security.

Scylla and Charybdis in Business

When you create your company budget for the year, what is it costing you? I don't mean in terms of staff time and meetings, but in terms of lost opportunities?

Vendors in Two Different Worlds

While healthcare industries struggle to get their vendors to even acknowledge security practices as something they should be concerned about, other industries have faced this struggle in the past and now operate in a very different world.

Healthcare IT is NOT Ready for Baby Boomers

Healthcare IT News asks if Healthcare IT is ready for the Baby Boomers. In my opinion, Healthcare IT is in no way, shape or form ready for the Baby Boomers, either today or five years from now.

Medicine on the Go – Mobile Devices and Healthcare

The medical and health care applications of wearables haven't gone unnoticed. From devices meant to monitor pulse and blood pressure to contact lenses that can measure glucose levels, there has been an explosion of new technology meant to help patients keep better tabs on their health.