Tag: Management and Leadership

Don’t Just Represent…Be Aspirationally Representative

Almost any scandal in the business world involves poor oversight from a Board of Directors. For profits should take a page from the non-profit playbook to avoid them.

The Future of Work: Effectively Recruiting Millennials

Much digital ink has been spilled going into things that are important to recruit younger talent to your workplace. Add these to the professional development and career advancement/mobility at your organization and I believe you will be in top form to recruit great talent.

Stay In Control Of Your Cybersecurity

You should respect users for their knowledge, but also remember that they are not the cybersecurity experts...that distinction belongs to you.

Are Users Your Weakest Link?

For a truly effective cybersecurity program, you must include your users and address their varying levels of cybersecurity awareness.

Is Medical Cybersecurity a Victim of The Skills Gap?

Make no mistake, a skills gap has always existed between what employers want and the skills that employees bring into the company or industry; the difference is in how employers are responding to that gap.

Will OSHA’s Intention to Protect Nurses Have an Impact?

OSHA is essentially arguing that hospitals and other care facilities are doing too little to prevent these injuries among their staff. But will this new enforcement memo have an impact?