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New Tools to Help Patients

In my experience, patients are often completely unaware of what their rights are as far as access to their records goes.

Sunshine in Medicine

Setting aside the disgusting reaction that Dr. Wen received, her TEDMed talk does bring up some valid points that many in the medical field are ashamed to admit, based on the violent reaction to Dr. Wen's transparency pledge.

The Intersection of Usability and Security

Information security has been omnipresent in the technology world for decades now. But as anyone who has ever worked in an environment where data was locked down, the weakest link in your security system isn't your network...its your users. How do these two things, security and usability, intersect?

Healthcare IT is NOT Ready for Baby Boomers

Healthcare IT News asks if Healthcare IT is ready for the Baby Boomers. In my opinion, Healthcare IT is in no way, shape or form ready for the Baby Boomers, either today or five years from now.

Is There Too Much Diversity in Healthcare Technology?

Common wisdom would hold that this kind of diversity is a good thing; it increases competition which inevitably produces a better/more efficient product. But this common wisdom might not be as wise as it is believed.

Can Solving the Productivity Crisis Make Healthcare Safer?

When businesses were simpler and value was easier to gain with a minimal amount of input. But the world has become too complex for the efficiency metrics we have in place.


Dealing with Alert Fatigue

In the future, I hope that software programs built for the industry begin to add more robust tools for their alerts, so that third party applications wouldn't be necessary. But until that day comes, this is a good tool to help fight the dangers of alert fatigue.