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Discrimination in the Medical Workplace

Patients expecting medical care bring their prejudice and ignorance into the hospital with them. But it's not just doctors who experience this kind of discrimination.

IT’s Role in Continuous Improvement for Healthcare

Implementing something like Continuous Improvement in the US Healthcare sector not only makes sense, it's the perfect realm for healthcare IT to really shine. What remains to be seen is which of the plethora of Healthcare IT vendors, if any, will identify and take advantage of this opportunity for future gains.

A New Approach to Medical Billing

It's refreshing to see this new emphasis on navigating patients through the system, but it should only be the first step. The next step? Reducing the redundancy and complexity in the first place.

EHR’s and End of Life Care

My mother is a nurse, and has worked for the palliative care organization Hospice at a few times in her career.  She recently returned to them, at a time when her mother has been placed in a nursing home specializing in care for those with dementia and other cognitive impairments.  We have had many conversations ...

Why Consumerism Can’t Fix Healthcare

In a nutshell, the reason that a market-based approach cannot resolve healthcare's issues is that healthcare does not function like a normal market, and moreover it cannot function like one.

How to Address a Problem like Superbugs

Given the virulency of these superbugs and the threat they represent to humanity as a whole, should a market-based approach to creating new antibiotics still be considered at all?

Your Health Data and Native Advertising?

Native Advertising is all the rage right now in the world of technology and marketing, but should it mix with your health data?