Tag: Disruption

Don’t Skip the Soft Skills

There are definitely reasons from the management side why you would want employees with soft skills. But I wonder if an emphasis on these traits doesn't also point to an acknowledgement of the importance of workplace culture to employees?

What E-Learning (Especially MOOCs) Get Wrong

On a recent webinar on 2016 trends in e-learning, the presenter declared 2016 to be the year when MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are finally going to start succeeding in disrupting the world of Education.

Value of the MBA?

Is the pendulum swinging back the other direction, towards the SME's? And if so, can we be smarter about it this time and provide the SME's with the business acumen they need to succeed?

The Risks of Disrupted Leadership

There is inherent risk in deciding to be a change agent. Just like the old saying that history is written by the victors, this narrative about being a change agent is written by people who have, for the most part, succeeded in their changes.