HBO’s Silicon Valley: Usability Microcosm

As a user advocate who is participating in multiple usability-based projects, I am thrilled to see the issue get wider recognition. Now that it's out there, it's time we all did something about it.

Experienced Users Need Not Apply

Working with existing customers gets you good process-oriented suggestions. But your best source for usability questions is your brand new users who are the least familiar with the system.

Be Easy To Work With

It may seem old fashioned, but Customer Service is important, particularly in the technology industry.

The Importance of Building Bridges

Bridges need to be built at the pain points between nonprofits, for-profits and governments. Bridge Builders need to better advocate for the importance of our skills, and work harder to bridge the walls that the tribes erect between them.

A New Approach to Medical Billing

It's refreshing to see this new emphasis on navigating patients through the system, but it should only be the first step. The next step? Reducing the redundancy and complexity in the first place.

Talk Nerdy To Me

It is not easy to bridge the gap between the SME's and the general public. That's where translators like me come in.

Stay In Control Of Your Cybersecurity

You should respect users for their knowledge, but also remember that they are not the cybersecurity experts...that distinction belongs to you.

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