Category: Management and Leadership

Value of the MBA?

Is the pendulum swinging back the other direction, towards the SME's? And if so, can we be smarter about it this time and provide the SME's with the business acumen they need to succeed?

Achieving Diversity in Tech…Faster

There has been a river of (digital) ink spilled about how to address these diversity issues, especially when it comes to gender.

Creating Workplace Opportunity

Nothing is more frustrating, especially for employees who are in the Millennial Generation, than to feel like you are spinning your wheels. But how can you create opportunities for younger employees while at the same time flattening out your organization?

The Risks of Disrupted Leadership

There is inherent risk in deciding to be a change agent. Just like the old saying that history is written by the victors, this narrative about being a change agent is written by people who have, for the most part, succeeded in their changes.

Creating Accountability Without Creating Bureaucracy

Typical business practice has tried to achieve accountability using three methods...three methods that are doomed to failure because they are really doing the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

Culture of Safety in Healthcare

This search for the why of the situation is a search for transparency, a call for an investigation and clarity about the care that was received. This request is incompatible with the closed, controlled culture within many health care organizations.

Nonprofit Leaders in Dynamic and Challenging Times

Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations requires business acumen as well as vision, direction and passion for their causes.