Category: Management and Leadership

Who Are Your Shareholders??

Maximizing Shareholder Value is a pillar of the modern business world. But what does it mean? And which shareholders you should be concerned with?

Company Death By Silo

As a leader, if you have informational silos within your organization, the fault lies with you. Time to accept responsibility and break down those silos with these tips.

How Fairness Builds Greatness

Whether a company succeeds or fails in the long term often comes down to culture. What is the company culture? Is it collaborative? Is it a hierarchy? Is it toxic? The examination of company culture has grown in to a multi-million dollar dream for consultants across the country. The best way to change or improve ...

An Employee’s Guide to Surviving Poor Leadership

Leadership advice is available everywhere, because poor leadership is everywhere. How do employees trapped under poor leadership survive? Here are some tips to help you cope and improve your situation.

Don’t Just Represent…Be Aspirationally Representative

Almost any scandal in the business world involves poor oversight from a Board of Directors. For profits should take a page from the non-profit playbook to avoid them.

The Disturbing Implications of Shareholders as Business Conscience

When Shareholders are the last line of defense against bad business behavior, something is profoundly wrong.

Keeping Employees with Lean Budgets

When budgets get tight, it is very easy to make penny wise, pound foolish mistakes with employees. Handling the situation strategically can help you turn the situation around and keep your employees.

Your Younger Employees are Frustrated: Here Is Why

Clearly young people are frustrated, and it's not limited to politics. Younger employees who are in the workforce are also frustrated at the biases they face at the office.

Project Management vs. Management

Ever worked in a place that felt directionless? Like there was no Captain of the Ship? That's a business without effective Project Management.

Organizational Death By a Thousand Cuts

When team dysfunction is hidden, and the team can limp along without effective leadership, damage to the organization is insidious. It's the death of a thousand cuts.

Amazon’s 30 Hour Failure

A rose-colored glasses view of the 30 hour work week is attractive, I can't help but point out that this experiment is likely to fail. Not because it is likely a PR move which will simply be forgotten as soon as the media cycle spins another round, but because of the reality of the working world.

Symptoms, Not Cause: Wells Fargo’s Fraudulent Accounts

I would argue that 5300 employees all caught doing the same thing at various locations around the company isn't isolated at all. They are a flashing red light of major management problems.

The Necessity of Conflict

By banning conflict from project meetings, how much are you losing?

Avoiding Death By Meeting

The focus on this kind of meeting plan is on having better meetings; meetings where you actually answer the questions you need to answer and solve the problems you need to solve free from distractions and tangents.

A New Approach to Medical Billing

It's refreshing to see this new emphasis on navigating patients through the system, but it should only be the first step. The next step? Reducing the redundancy and complexity in the first place.