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Control Your Meetings…Or Someone Else Will

As a Meeting Leader, it's your job to keep your meetings on track and be able to hear any dissent. Use these tips to help you create that environment.

The Intersection of Organizational Threats and Process Design

What does Cybersecurity and Network Defense have to do with Process Design and Organizational Operations? A Whole Lot....

Building Social Capital at Work

Entrepreneurs know the importance of Social Capital. But did you know it is also vitally important for those of us who work for others?

Tips for Being Social When You Just Aren’t Feeling It

Not everyone is a social butterfly all of the time. Here are some tips for how to survive your next social event when you are feeling anything but social.

Diversification: Not Just For Your 401K

Being a Michigan Expat taught be a lot about finances and why they should come from multiple sources.

A Time of Reflection Part Two

Embrace the strange, because that's where you get change!

A Time of Reflection

Whether it's for work, for hobbies, for family or simply for yourself, the end of the year offers a much needed chance to reflect on what you have accomplished and also to take a look at where you would like to go in the future.