Category: Collaboration

Control Your Meetings…Or Someone Else Will

As a Meeting Leader, it's your job to keep your meetings on track and be able to hear any dissent. Use these tips to help you create that environment.

Software Conversions and a Rainy Interstate

A poorly managed software conversion project can be chaotic and messy. Which response to do take when times get rough? Are you a Safe Player? A Daredevil or a Pragmatist?

The Audacity of Asking Questions

Only in organizations where collaboration and questions are encouraged can progress be made.

It’s Not Just Businesses Anymore…

Anyone following major trends in business has seen the Collaboration trend. Organizations are flattening out and moving towards a more team-oriented approach with less hierarchy and more cross-section work experiences. I think it is a great movement, away from the hierarchy-based, bureaucracy-laden, creativity-killing ways businesses had been run in previous decades.

The ESC Workplace: Enjoy the Show!

Successful organizations keep communication flowing in both directions, including tough conversations.

You Can’t Escape Politics

In the workplace, politics are everywhere. Most organizations do not admit it publicly, and many of them won't even admit it to themselves, but politics is always present.

Your ESC Colleagues: Copycats

When a co-worker is your copycat it is more than just can jeopardize your own career!