Category: Analysis

Usability Gap: Industry vs. End Users

Industry rankings are important and they definitely should be considered if you are considering a switch. But equal weight should be given to the usability of the system, which is something that I strongly feel needs to be evaluated and ranked by outside sources.

How to Address a Problem like Superbugs

Given the virulency of these superbugs and the threat they represent to humanity as a whole, should a market-based approach to creating new antibiotics still be considered at all?

Politics Meets Public Health

Doctors in Flint began to report finding high levels of lead in the blood of children who were coming into their practices; the result of a public health crisis that threatens the lives of the residents of Flint and their children as well as challenges the healthcare system as it attempts to respond.

What Will We Do Without Antibiotics?

The thoughtless person playing with penicillin treatment is morally responsible for the death of the man who succumbs to infection with penicillin-resistant organism. I hope this evil can be averted. -Sir Alexander Fleming

The Healing Power of Stories

Stories have a very powerful effect on people in very positive ways...and all it cost was a 90 minute visit to a museum.

Should the US Call the Midwives?

Most of the deliveries that occur on the show are done in the home, and you watch as the midwives prepare home delivery packets including necessities like rubber sheets for the bed. In the US, it is entirely the opposite.

What do data security and patient engagement have in common?

As the healthcare sector continues to undergo its own IT Revolution, there are clearly many advances and challenges on the horizon.