Category: Career Management

Creating Workplace Opportunity

Nothing is more frustrating, especially for employees who are in the Millennial Generation, than to feel like you are spinning your wheels. But how can you create opportunities for younger employees while at the same time flattening out your organization?

Where Are The Good Jobs?

How do you as an employee make this economy work for you?

Career Resolutions…Improved!

Scholarship has shown that making incremental changes is far more effective than a results-oriented approach. Why not give yourself the edge in meeting your goals by shifting to a goal mindset?

Finding Mentors In a Transition

For those of us who are seeking to transition into a new career sector, there are added challenges to seeking a mentor. Where is advice that we can use as we navigate this tricky stage in our career development?

From Liberal Arts to Technology – Transitioning to Tech

I consider myself a Techie-In-Transition. But transitioning into technology isn't as easy as simply racking up certifications.

What do Millennials Want?

Millennials aren't into silly social activities that are only a thin-disguise for a desperate HR department begging for new blood. Sure, we may attend and have a good time, but we see these events for what they are, and thus their intended purpose is wasted.

Marketing You

So what is a marketing strategy, and how do you go about creating one?