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You Can’t Escape Politics

In the workplace, politics are everywhere. Most organizations do not admit it publicly, and many of them won't even admit it to themselves, but politics is always present.

Career Transitions: Chart Your Own Course

In the interest of saving others the headache of trying to search out good quality and easily accessible professional development, here are a few sources I am using for my transition.

Career Transitions: Address Pain Points

By positioning yourself to address a potential employers pain points, you can increase the odds an employer will take a chance on you.

Career Bravery

Those of you noticing a pattern realize that this idea of career development and how to get it are a regular theme for me, and for many Millennials. But putting all of the preparation, research and knowledge to use? That's a different thing altogether.

Be Happy…We Give You Free Coffee!

If only 49% of your employees are happy enough to recommend you as an employer, that means you have 51% who are either ambivalent to you as an employer or are unhappy with you. Free coffee or other silly programs will not change that.

LinkedIn And The Golden Age Of American Education

Readers of this blog know that I'm not a believer in the much commented upon skills gap.  There has always been a disconnect between the skills an employee brings to the table and the skills they need at a new job.  In the past, this was expected and employers provided training and things like job ...

Career Transitions: No Experience? Get Creative!

When you are in transition, sometimes getting the certifications you need puts you in a Catch-22.