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Don’t Skip the Soft Skills

There are definitely reasons from the management side why you would want employees with soft skills. But I wonder if an emphasis on these traits doesn't also point to an acknowledgement of the importance of workplace culture to employees?

The Importance of Intuition in Tech

It seems like the people who make the software have no idea how their software actually works in the real world because, for the most part, they don't.

Indecisive…or Renaissance Person?

When I was admitted as a Masters student to the Department of History at my alma mater, Central Michigan University, it quickly became apparent that I needed to pick an area to specialize in.  That may sound strange to some people, but historians do actually specialize in certain areas, which is why you sometimes get ...

Does Healthcare Need a Lesson from Retail?

Why does a health care facility need to have a consumer engagement strategy?

The Healthcare Diaspora

Is this a sign that the healthcare industry is beginning to try to adapt itself by trying to break away from the old mainframe idea?


Willpower vs. Procrastination

Procaffeinating is a new word to enter in to my vocabulary, but I can tell you that it is a certified truth.  In my experience in Academia as a graduate student, in Museums and now in the Corporate World I have learned that one thing is constant across any workplace: Do Not Mess With The ...