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Be Easy To Work With

It may seem old fashioned, but Customer Service is important, particularly in the technology industry.

Talk Nerdy To Me

It is not easy to bridge the gap between the SME's and the general public. That's where translators like me come in.

Better Learn to Write Right

A 2004 study published by the National Commission on Writing found that blue chip businesses were spending as much as $3.1 Billion on remedial training for writing annually.

Talking With Millennials…Not At Them

Last week our office brought in a speaker to give an L&D Presentation on how to communicate professionally.  Because of a schedule conflict I could not attend the session, but a friend and colleague of mine did attend.  Afterwards, we went for our normal morning walk (which I find is good for both physical and ...


How Do You Improve Medical Literacy?

Healthcare Literacy is something which has become a bit of a hot button issue among the healthcare community and those who work in it. But how do you improve healthcare literacy?

A Spoonful of Sugar: The Importance of Versatility

Anyone working in the technology field who deals with conversions or implementations will tell you that the Kubler-Ross Stages of Grief isn't something that is limited to deaths or divorces; they are also experienced in much the same order by customers who are undergoing a data conversion or a new software implementation.

Should Trainers Speak in Buzzwords?

As soon as you begin a presentation and you turn out to be wrong (in the case of statistics), or unintelligible (in the case of the Jargon Trap), people begin to mentally step back from you. And if they do that, they have lost the message and you have lost the game.