Category: Building Relationships

Building Social Capital at Work

Entrepreneurs know the importance of Social Capital. But did you know it is also vitally important for those of us who work for others?

Tips for Being Social When You Just Aren’t Feeling It

Not everyone is a social butterfly all of the time. Here are some tips for how to survive your next social event when you are feeling anything but social.

Software Conversions and a Rainy Interstate

A poorly managed software conversion project can be chaotic and messy. Which response to do take when times get rough? Are you a Safe Player? A Daredevil or a Pragmatist?

Networking Events for Newbies

My advice to anyone who is questioning whether to attend a networking event is this: GO. Go to the event, listen more than you speak, and you will leave with more than just new connections.

Never a Second Chance for a First Impression

Meeting new people is stressful for some people, even if the situation itself doesn't present stressors of its own.

ESC and Workplace Culture

Without a unifying factor, that one thing that glues all of the diversity together, a workplace quickly descends into chaos.

Eurovision and Your Career

From now until the Grand Final on May 14, we'll take a dive into the music, drama, controversy and spectacle that is Eurovision, and see what lessons we can draw for our careers. Enjoy the show!

Vendors in Two Different Worlds

While healthcare industries struggle to get their vendors to even acknowledge security practices as something they should be concerned about, other industries have faced this struggle in the past and now operate in a very different world.

Practicing Gratitude

In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow in the United States, I thought I'd change up my usual Webinar Wednesday post and write instead about something that should be our focus all year round, not just this week: Practicing Gratitude.