How Fairness Builds Greatness

Whether a company succeeds or fails in the long term often comes down to culture. What is the company culture? Is it collaborative? Is it a hierarchy? Is it toxic?

The examination of company culture has grown in to a multi-million dollar dream for consultants across the country. The best way to change or improve organizational culture is a hotly discussed topic at conferences and leadership retreats.

And it’s for good reason. Disengagement in the US at at an all time high, with 70% of employees who are disengaged with their work. That disengagement is costing the economy as much as $550 Billion per year! This is clearly a problem that needs to be solved if we are to grow and innovate in the ways that will support the economy in the coming century.

You’ve probably heard of lots of ways to fix engagement issues and improve your culture. Some will advise you to offer more perks, like coffee or more vacation time. Some will advise you to try and provide services your employees need to help their daily lives, like on-site day care centers or gym facilities. Some advise you to flatten out your organization and let employees cross-train across various areas.

These are all interesting ideas, and some of them may be more effective than others. But have you ever thought about the idea of Fairness? What is fairness, and how can it help with employee disengagement? Marco Alvera has some great ideas on what fairness is, what it is not, and how it can have a tremendous impact on your organizational culture.

It turns out that the risk that employees have been forced to shoulder more of in the last few decades across the American economy may be one of the biggest barriers to truly exceptional employee performance. Check out Marco’s TED talk to learn more.


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