Episode 6: Software Change Does Not Equal Culture Change

Performance or Operational issues within an organization can indicate a poor software platform…but they can also signal management or cultural issues at the organization.

Far too many software projects are embarked upon in an effort to address performance issues that really originate from another source: Poor or Fear-Based Organizational management. When an organization has culture problems, performance issues are often a key indicator. In a way it is understandable; management sees issues with organization performance, and rather than looking for the root cause of those issues, attend to address the symptoms via a new software package or platform.

This is a waste of time and money, and it will not fix the problems at your organization. Before considering a software conversion project, you should perform a Root Cause Analysis to determine what is causing the performance issues. Check out the final post in the Honest Conversation About Conversions series for more information.

To view the entire series, check out my Honest Conversation About Conversions page.

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