Episode 2 – Conversion Teams Assemble!

In the second episode of my Honest Conversation About Conversions series, I explore the importance of assembling a good software conversion team, and who you should include on the team to ensure a stress-less conversion.

One of the most critical actions you will take when you undergo a software conversion project is assembling your team. Without a proper team, you are destined for a conversion that could more appropriately be called a stress-fest. But with the proper team in place, and proper project management, you can help make your conversion a much less harrowing experience.

It’s not surprising that you need a team in place when you decide to undergo a conversion; most businesses know this to be true. But in my experience the teams put in place often include the wrong people, or they are poorly managed and thus create more pain points than they solve. It’s frustrating for all involved, especially those of us who know that there is a better way.

So who should be on these teams that you assemble, and what are some key things team members should keep in mind? Check out Episode 2 of my Honest Conversations About Conversion series to learn more. And if you missed it, check out Episode 1 here.



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