A Pre-Election Day Reminder: Politics in the Workplace

Earlier this year I published a post on why politics and political discussions should be avoided in the workplace. Given that Election Day is tomorrow, I feel that now is a good time for a reminder that this subject should really never be something that is discussed in the office, especially for those of us who are trapped in a Cubical Farm.

In a Cubical Farm, the walls have ears, even if you are talking in a normal voice or in a quiet voice. Discussion carries much farther than you think it would, and given the divisive nature of this election, your discussion with a co-worker or a friend could have serious ramifications for your career.

Remember, there is no protection from discrimination in the workplace because of your political opinions. As I write in the post, it is unlikely that a good workplace would use your political opinions as the sole reason to fire you or deny you a promotion, but why take the chance? It is far wiser to simply not discuss politics at work.

Go out and vote, but remember not to discuss your vote or your politics once you arrive at the office.

If you need more reasons for not discussing politics at work than not wanting to make yourself the target of an HR hostile work environment complaint, remember that discussing politics can damage o…

Source: Politics in the Workplace

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