Month: September 2016

Innovation for Naught?

True innovation, true disruption, needs to happen not with products or apps, but within the businesses themselves. Within how they operate. Within their culture

Do We Really Want To Solve Problems?

Its not that we are unaware that problems exist. It's not that we don't want them solved. The problem, dear readers, is that no one wants to do the hard work required to figure out what is actually causing the problem.

Behind the Facade: Imposter Syndrome

You aren't the only one who feels like a fraud who is one step away from being discovered. But how do you deal with it before it ruins your career?

Tech Isn’t Always Right…or Why I Hate ATS

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems are becoming more and more common in the workplace. They are supposed to weed out unqualified candidates and make the hiring process faster and result in better quality hires. But in practice it's a different story.

Organizational Death By a Thousand Cuts

When team dysfunction is hidden, and the team can limp along without effective leadership, damage to the organization is insidious. It's the death of a thousand cuts.

Crisis and the Tipping Point

Every position I have taken in my professional life has been in a crisis for the organization or the department. Each of these represent a major challenge, but I have also found that they present the best opportunity to have the greatest impact.

Who is Minding the Gaps?

Why are the benefits of good project management undervalued? Project Management suffers from a marketing problem. We should call Project Managers what they are: Bridge Builders.

Amazon’s 30 Hour Failure

A rose-colored glasses view of the 30 hour work week is attractive, I can't help but point out that this experiment is likely to fail. Not because it is likely a PR move which will simply be forgotten as soon as the media cycle spins another round, but because of the reality of the working world.

Symptoms, Not Cause: Wells Fargo’s Fraudulent Accounts

I would argue that 5300 employees all caught doing the same thing at various locations around the company isn't isolated at all. They are a flashing red light of major management problems.

Use Face-to-Face in the Workplace

I learned early on in my career that if you have the option of either a face-to-face conversation or an e-mail, face-to-face conversations are nearly always preferable for the myriad of other side benefits they offer.