Month: August 2016

Project Management and Legos

Emmet isn't an expert in anything. But he is a planner and coordinator; the submarine shows what happens when a project is poorly planned.

It’s Not Just Businesses Anymore…

Anyone following major trends in business has seen the Collaboration trend. Organizations are flattening out and moving towards a more team-oriented approach with less hierarchy and more cross-section work experiences. I think it is a great movement, away from the hierarchy-based, bureaucracy-laden, creativity-killing ways businesses had been run in previous decades.

Epic: Tackling Usability Challenges Head-On

I admire Epic's approach, because I feel that it will address a common usability issue I have run across in my career experience: Designing for Programming vs. Designing for Users.

Compliance Training and the Webinar-Induced Coma

Compliance webinars seem to be particularly bad at being interesting, which is dangerous since the information they disseminate is some of the most important. It doesn't have to be this way.

Accommodating Desire Paths

One of my favorite aspects of my job is discovering new workflows and new ways of using software in order to accomplish the same task. Systems should be designed to be flexible (to a point) to accommodate some of these different desire paths; it boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Good vs. Great Project Management

It takes guts for someone to say "No" to something. But a great project manager isn't afraid to kill a project that does not fit with the bigger picture.

The Future of Work: Effectively Recruiting Millennials

Much digital ink has been spilled going into things that are important to recruit younger talent to your workplace. Add these to the professional development and career advancement/mobility at your organization and I believe you will be in top form to recruit great talent.

Back to School at The Office

You should do what you need to do to keep yourself in the know in your field, or to pursue interests which may align with your field in anticipation of your next career move.

The Necessity of Conflict

By banning conflict from project meetings, how much are you losing?

Avoiding Death By Meeting

The focus on this kind of meeting plan is on having better meetings; meetings where you actually answer the questions you need to answer and solve the problems you need to solve free from distractions and tangents.

Won’t You Please Help Me? Usability Heuristic #10

The final piece of advice he offers to increase usability of any software system isn't as much about the system itself as what is provided with the system: Help and Documentation.

Congratulations…it’s an error! Usability Heuristic #9

Generally speaking, bad error messages come in two varieties: The Too-Specific and the Too-General.