Month: April 2016

Eurovision and Your Career

From now until the Grand Final on May 14, we'll take a dive into the music, drama, controversy and spectacle that is Eurovision, and see what lessons we can draw for our careers. Enjoy the show!

Career Transitions: Chart Your Own Course

In the interest of saving others the headache of trying to search out good quality and easily accessible professional development, here are a few sources I am using for my transition.

Scylla and Charybdis in Business

When you create your company budget for the year, what is it costing you? I don't mean in terms of staff time and meetings, but in terms of lost opportunities?

Career Transitions: Address Pain Points

By positioning yourself to address a potential employers pain points, you can increase the odds an employer will take a chance on you.

Ransomware Threat? Take Control of Your Risk

There is a new approach called Behavioral Analysis, which instead of trying to identify the threat based on specific signatures or coding looks to what kinds of activities are being done in the system. But you need user behavior changes to help mitigate your risk too!

Employee Reviews? There’s an App for That

Even if an employer is good about addressing problem issues more frequently, what about employees who excel? The annual review process can leave them behind as well.

Career Bravery

Those of you noticing a pattern realize that this idea of career development and how to get it are a regular theme for me, and for many Millennials. But putting all of the preparation, research and knowledge to use? That's a different thing altogether.