Month: March 2016

Tips for Better Software Training Part II – Extra Gravy

Looking to up your software training game? You have come to the right place! I have some great tips and tricks for you, as told through quotes from some of my favorite films.

Are Learning Styles an Addiction of the L&D Community?

It's amazing how many times I'll still hear practitioners in the field...even co-workers...analyze our learning through the Learning Styles lens.

EHR’s and End of Life Care

My mother is a nurse, and has worked for the palliative care organization Hospice at a few times in her career.  She recently returned to them, at a time when her mother has been placed in a nursing home specializing in care for those with dementia and other cognitive impairments.  We have had many conversations ...

Tips for Better Software Training Part I

I joined the technology field as a Software Training Specialist over three years ago, and I quickly noticed that when it came to professional development, there was a dearth of information relating to the specific field of Software Training.

Usability Questions? Go Guerilla Style!

In less than an hour, you have actionable evaluations of usability that research indicates can identify 85% of usability problems. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Do You Know How Usable Your Software Is?

Where do you start? You don't need to hire a team of experts or engage in market research. You can look to your existing staff to give you some ideas.

Leaning In: The Praise

Besides shedding light on issues that have been illuminated by others in the past (and will surely continue to be highlighted in the future until they are ultimately resolved), there are several very specific things in this book that had me cheering in my seat.