Month: February 2016

LinkedIn And The Golden Age Of American Education

Readers of this blog know that I'm not a believer in the much commented upon skills gap.  There has always been a disconnect between the skills an employee brings to the table and the skills they need at a new job.  In the past, this was expected and employers provided training and things like job ...

Career Transitions: No Experience? Get Creative!

When you are in transition, sometimes getting the certifications you need puts you in a Catch-22.

What E-Learning (Especially MOOCs) Get Wrong

On a recent webinar on 2016 trends in e-learning, the presenter declared 2016 to be the year when MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are finally going to start succeeding in disrupting the world of Education.

Ransomware and Backdoors

If I were a betting person, I venture to guess that the dominating conversation of the HIMSS 2016 conference attendees won't be to anything presented at the will be current events.

Politics in the Workplace

If you need more reasons for not discussing politics at work than not wanting to make yourself the target of an HR hostile work environment complaint, remember that discussing politics can damage or even end your career.

Usability Gap: Industry vs. End Users

Industry rankings are important and they definitely should be considered if you are considering a switch. But equal weight should be given to the usability of the system, which is something that I strongly feel needs to be evaluated and ranked by outside sources.

Value of the MBA?

Is the pendulum swinging back the other direction, towards the SME's? And if so, can we be smarter about it this time and provide the SME's with the business acumen they need to succeed?

Technology: Angel or Devil?

Technology is designed by us to help us do things, to help make our lives and work better or more efficient. But when you use it as a distraction, a different picture emerges.

The Importance of Intuition in Tech

It seems like the people who make the software have no idea how their software actually works in the real world because, for the most part, they don't.

Achieving Diversity in Tech…Faster

There has been a river of (digital) ink spilled about how to address these diversity issues, especially when it comes to gender.