Want Tech Infotainment? Check out Speaking in Tech!

If you are looking to expand your knowledge of technology and the tech industry, check out Speaking in Tech!

I consider myself to be a Tech Ally; I work at a software company and I use technology on a daily basis, but I’m not a “techie” in the sense that I’m not a programmer or network engineer.  I’m the person who takes the software we make, creates a curriculum around it and teaches people how to use it, including creating and maintaining all of the pieces of that curriculum like manuals, e-learning, etc.  But I am looking to expand my knowledge as part of career goals I have set for myself.  This of course involves training in technology itself (I am currently working through MTA courses in preparation for eventually going for an MCSE), but also expanding knowledge of the tech sector as a whole.  For the latter goal, the Speaking in Tech podcast has been both entertaining and vital!

Podcast hosts Greg Knieriemen (Hitachi), Ed Saipetch (BlueBox) and Sarah Vela (Dell) use their weekly podcast to discuss everything from consumer technology to the latest industry mergers and acquisitions.  Billed as the podcast “Where Enterprise Tech Meets Consumer Tech”, listening to this podcast you can get a good idea of the latest trends in Virtualization, Disaster Recovery, Networking and Cloud storage; trends that are already impacting enterprise level users but that will eventually trickle out to consumers.  They also feature guests from the tech industry which gives another level of insight into the topics they discuss.

Lest you think this is a boring, run-of-the-mill industry podcast, it’s not!  It’s definitely in the genre of three friends sitting down after work to discuss the industry, which means a fair amount of BS’ing and humor is involved.  A few of their guests who you can tell they have been friends with for a while stick out for their ability to BS while keeping the conversation interesting, even if they aren’t at liberty to discuss a topic at hand.  For example, if they start asking a guest who works at a company like SolidFire about a speculated purchase/merger or other things they can’t discuss for business reasons, they play The Mexican Hat Dance song in the background while the guest engages in verbal gymnastics to sound like they are giving an answer to the question.  It sounds like something you would find on The Daily Show, and it comes across as a very funny acknowledgement of the truth of the situation.

Another interesting feature of the podcast is the “Ad Break” they take in the middle of the podcast.  But this isn’t a typical Ad Break….it’s a break where they play ads for technology from the days when technology was in its infancy!  Those of us of a certain age are old enough to remember seeing ads on TV for things like the Sony Betamax, Sega Genesis or even old computer systems like the TRS 80.  The sense of nostalgia is powerful when these ads are used as a show transition to the guests segment.

I recommend this podcast for anyone with even a passing interest in technology.  You can subscribe on iTunes or via The Register.  Fair warning: Use headphones if you are listening to this podcast in the office or where little ones are present, as it does contain some adult language which is probably not office appropriate.


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