Month: January 2016

How to Address a Problem like Superbugs

Given the virulency of these superbugs and the threat they represent to humanity as a whole, should a market-based approach to creating new antibiotics still be considered at all?

Want Tech Infotainment? Check out Speaking in Tech!

If you are looking to expand your knowledge of technology and the tech industry, check out Speaking in Tech!

Creating Workplace Opportunity

Nothing is more frustrating, especially for employees who are in the Millennial Generation, than to feel like you are spinning your wheels. But how can you create opportunities for younger employees while at the same time flattening out your organization?

Your Health Data and Native Advertising?

Native Advertising is all the rage right now in the world of technology and marketing, but should it mix with your health data?

New Tools to Help Patients

In my experience, patients are often completely unaware of what their rights are as far as access to their records goes.

Surviving Work Travel

I love traveling, but even at its best it is stressful. These are just a few ways I've reduced the stress on my trips.

Where Are The Good Jobs?

How do you as an employee make this economy work for you?