A Time of Reflection Part Two

Embrace the strange, because that’s where you get change!

This is a continuation of Monday’s post A Time of Reflection, where I discuss tweaks I will be making to the blog in the coming year.

Tweak #3: Focus on Career Development
As someone who graduated from university in the spring of 2008, during the start of the Great Recession, my career path has had a number of bumps.  I’m one of the lucky ones, as I was able to find a job fairly soon after graduating, while I watched many of my friends struggle with unemployment post graduation for a year or even more.  I also saw family members struggle with changes in employment during the Great Recession, and even in the post-recession “Recovery” (which I put in quotes because jobs and wage growth are no where near what a normal person would call a recovery).

Just like so many of my Millennial cohort, living through these experiences has taught us that it is never safe to let your skills stagnate. You can, at any time, be forced into the job market and you need to be ready for that eventuality. This is one of the reasons that career development is so important to our generation.  In addition, career development and continuing education and skills training makes us better employees, allowing us to help our employer stay fresh and relevant to the modern economy and the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment that dominates the business world of any sector.

So in the coming year, I will be doing several things to shift focus on why career development is important, how to go about doing it without losing your sanity, and I hope to try some new things with this blog to help spark conversations about career development and a host of any other topics.

Tweak #4: Bringing More of Myself
Because one of my goals when I originally started this blog was to build a professional brand, I have focused mainly on professional topics and have tended to shy away from things which were not professionally related.  Sometimes this included topics I would normally have covered that came a bit out of left field.  Sometimes it was being careful not to inject my opinion into posts about a certain topic area.

But the result was that, even reading my posts back to myself, authenticity was missing.  Sure, it’s fine to take a post from someone else and draw some attention to it by re-posting, but that has very limited value.  What kind of value am I bringing to the conversation by doing that? Anyone can parrot the latest research or hot topic areas.  But what is my unique perspective that adds value?  For someone who is a champion of changing things up and showing how and outside perspective can be valuable, I was sure being pretty inside-the-box in my offerings.

And so in the coming year, I am going to add more of myself to these posts.  More of my opinions, which are valuable to the conversation.  More of my unique outsider perspective as I make a transition more fully into the tech sector.  And yes, more quirky things that might make people raise an eyebrow and think, “OK…she is a bit strange.”  But strange is good! Strange allows us to shake things up, to see things we never saw before because we’re looking at it from a new angle.  Embrace the strange, because that’s where you get change!

I look forward to seeing you all again in 2016!

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