Month: October 2015

How Do You Create Accountability?

When is the last time you as an employer asked your employees about what their career goals are? What their motivations are?

Is There Too Much Diversity in Healthcare Technology?

Common wisdom would hold that this kind of diversity is a good thing; it increases competition which inevitably produces a better/more efficient product. But this common wisdom might not be as wise as it is believed.

Can Solving the Productivity Crisis Make Healthcare Safer?

When businesses were simpler and value was easier to gain with a minimal amount of input. But the world has become too complex for the efficiency metrics we have in place.

Talking With Millennials…Not At Them

Last week our office brought in a speaker to give an L&D Presentation on how to communicate professionally.  Because of a schedule conflict I could not attend the session, but a friend and colleague of mine did attend.  Afterwards, we went for our normal morning walk (which I find is good for both physical and ...

Politics Meets Public Health

Doctors in Flint began to report finding high levels of lead in the blood of children who were coming into their practices; the result of a public health crisis that threatens the lives of the residents of Flint and their children as well as challenges the healthcare system as it attempts to respond.

Indecisive…or Renaissance Person?

When I was admitted as a Masters student to the Department of History at my alma mater, Central Michigan University, it quickly became apparent that I needed to pick an area to specialize in.  That may sound strange to some people, but historians do actually specialize in certain areas, which is why you sometimes get ...

Tips to Retain Your (Tech) Employees

The other day I was reading a white paper that offers tips for how to retain your tech employees.  The paper, prepared by Pluarlsight can be accessed here.  It started out by pointing out the obvious to anyone who works in technology (or is married to someone in technology)'s too common and too easy for ...