Month: September 2015

Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

As a professional trainer and presenter, this Death by PowerPoint represents something of an occupational hazard. It's something that needs to be kept in mind constantly, so that you can try to avoid it.

Employee Engagement: The Buzzword of the Moment

What I suspect is happening is that this uptick in concern for Employee Engagement stems from the challenges they are facing with their new Millennial employees.


Dealing with Alert Fatigue

In the future, I hope that software programs built for the industry begin to add more robust tools for their alerts, so that third party applications wouldn't be necessary. But until that day comes, this is a good tool to help fight the dangers of alert fatigue.

Avoid Misery at the Office

I do believe that if you see your job as something that helps or serves others, it can help you find happiness that may be lacking in the mundane.

Adapt or Die

Whether you are a part of the C-Suite, or if you are on the Board of Directors or a Principal Shareholder, you need to be prepared to adapt, and not be caught in a response-only mode in a VUCA environment.


Future Doctors Take a Crash Course in Economics

After a busy weekend moving and an even busier week at work preparing to present five sessions at our company's annual conference, we are a bit more settled now.  On top of that, internet has been restored to the household!  That makes posting these blogs much easier.  Thanks everyone for your patience 🙂 Now that ...

What do Millennials Want?

Millennials aren't into silly social activities that are only a thin-disguise for a desperate HR department begging for new blood. Sure, we may attend and have a good time, but we see these events for what they are, and thus their intended purpose is wasted.