Month: July 2015

Turning Weakness into Strength

For those of you in career transition, I would also recommend thinking creatively about how you would like to get to your ultimate goal.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Let's hope that this serves as a wake up call to other smaller facilities in rural areas; it has happened and it can happen to you. The choice that you have is how and when you respond to the threat.

Physicians vs. Administrators…An Odd Couple With Potential

A big factor in the reason why physicians and administrators seem to have very adversarial relationships is because they were trained to think differently.

Should the US Call the Midwives?

Most of the deliveries that occur on the show are done in the home, and you watch as the midwives prepare home delivery packets including necessities like rubber sheets for the bed. In the US, it is entirely the opposite.

What do data security and patient engagement have in common?

As the healthcare sector continues to undergo its own IT Revolution, there are clearly many advances and challenges on the horizon.

Compliance Is Not Enough

Just because you are compliant with the regulations doesn't mean that you are secure.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

The risks of obesity include increased risks for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal and joint issues and several types of cancer. And yet medical schools and medical boards do not require future doctors to study nutrition and its impact on health.