Month: June 2015

Will OSHA’s Intention to Protect Nurses Have an Impact?

OSHA is essentially arguing that hospitals and other care facilities are doing too little to prevent these injuries among their staff. But will this new enforcement memo have an impact?

Are Habits Malleable?

Understanding how and why people and businesses forms habits can better prepare anyone working with them for the challenges they will face, and it will provide tremendous aid to those seeking to change those personal and institutional habits.

Standing Out from the Crowd

It's not just something for politicians, PR specialists or Crisis Management experts anymore. It's something that today's workers must be comfortable with if they want to continually improve their career prospects.

Medicine on the Go – Mobile Devices and Healthcare

The medical and health care applications of wearables haven't gone unnoticed. From devices meant to monitor pulse and blood pressure to contact lenses that can measure glucose levels, there has been an explosion of new technology meant to help patients keep better tabs on their health.

Making Better Decisions Under Pressure

At a certain point, we all have to acknowledge the reality that any business is operating in a continuous state of change. So you have to learn to not only operate within a constant state of flux, you need to learn to thrive in that environment. How do you do this?

Would You Read Your Doctor’s Notes?

I'd like to look at a new practice that some clinics and hospitals are just now putting in place: making physician's clinic notes accessible to their patients.  As with any change, there are some facilities that are embracing the change...while others are running screaming in the other direction.  It's all part of the shift in ...

The Consistency of Change

The increasing frequency of change is not just a fundamental reality that employees must face; their employers must face it as well.

Stop Yacking AT your Learners…Engage them!

Why are lecture-heavy webinars dangerous? Because if you are disengaged in what you are teaching, how on earth do you expect your learners to be engaged? So how do you stop lecturing and start engaging your learners?

EMR Market is Strong…But is That a Good Thing?

With the deadline for having and using an EMR system of some form behind us, what does the market look like for vendors of EMR systems? Are it's best days behind them, or is there still room to grow? Two new surveys show that the market for EMR systems is still going strong...provided you are already in the game.