Willpower vs. Procrastination


Procaffeinating is a new word to enter in to my vocabulary, but I can tell you that it is a certified truth.  In my experience in Academia as a graduate student, in Museums and now in the Corporate World I have learned that one thing is constant across any workplace: Do Not Mess With The Coffee!  I have heard people say in a tongue in cheek fashion that our modern world is built on coffee, and I think that it is very literally true.

But the issue of procrastination is much more difficult to fix, no matter how much coffee is in your system.  Is it simply a matter of willpower?  Do you simply need to decide to do something and do it?  Is that all it takes to stop yourself from waiting until the last-minute to get something done?  I personally don’t think that willpower can overcome the tendencies to procrastinate.  My mind has been on this subject lately as we are implementing a new micro-learning project at work which will increase workload and, inevitably, deadlines for the project.

I came across this article today on Lifehacker that addresses this very problem.  It even features this awesome Infographic on the cycle of procrastination.

Procrastination flow chart

The article argues that willpower alone is not enough to overcome the tendency to procrastinate, and it offers some tips to get yourself out of the Procrastination cycle.  I have found that scheduling works very well for me; breaking things out into manageable chunks and scheduling them out over the course of the day/week/month.  What do you do to help fight procrastination?  Leave a comment and it may help others!

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